Monday, September 10, 2012

Coasten's 4th Birthday

Our Coasten boy turned 4 on July, 23 2012
I asked him a few months back what kind of party he wanted this year and right away he told me that he wanted a "Pirate Party"..
So A Pirate Party it was!

Coast was Uber excited to get into his costume, as soon as he woke up the morning of his birthday and party. I must say that he is one dashing little Pirate..

Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE throwing a party. I love every last detail! It takes me a few months to plan and put together, all while feeling a little overwhelmed and stressed out at times but to see it all put together makes it 100% worth it...

Argh Matey! My little Pirate family..
Did I mention that every guest was to show up in costume, for a chance to win a cash prize for best Pirate get-up?!

The table scape.. Warning this is picture overload! I just have to show all the detail that I work so hard on!

I get so excited seeing everything play out on the table as I'd imagined it to be in my head!
To a "T" this one...








And more...

I Think the Treasure chest was my FAV..

Pirate Beer..

AKA Cream soda and Root beer.

The desserts.

White Coconut cake..

Cookie dough truffles on a stick. Mmmm

Some Pirate treasures.

Their ship must have crashed because the Helm floated on shore..

Polly the Parrot.

Pirate tattoos..

Pirate eye patches..

Pirate pinata

Some Pirate's booty..

Yes, I actually poured real sand on the table. What a treasure chest without the sand?!

Real  chocolate and fake gold coins..

Some of our fellow Pirates. The Josh and Jenni Smith Fam.

Some more Pirates

And some more..

My Mom had me laughing with her Pirate costume..!

She actually came with a gold tooth..

Hyde man.. Love him!

Loving that necklace.

Pinata poppin time..

That Parker was the winner of our costume contest.. 10 big ones!
Way to go Parks..

The CANDY craze..

Coasten had been asking for a "BIG boy bike" for a while, so we got him one!

Blowing out the candles on his cake with the support of Milo and Macy!

This party was a BLAST. I loved how everything turned out and hopefully everyone else felt the same!
Thanks Family and Friends for coming to support this guy on such a special day, and the fact that everyone came dressed up made my heart so happy!
We love you all.

Coasten you are a wonderfully, smart, funny, polite, happy, and an energetic 4 year old!
You LOVE to sing
play any and every instrument
help us do anything, because you know your so big.
You love your brother so much and are BEST buddies.
You are so up-tight sometimes, but I think you get it from your Dad and I.
You are SO very artistic in every way, Musical, instrumental, athletic and drawing and painting are daily on your list of things to do. You draw pictures for your cousins all of the time. You never leave anyone out.
You are very thoughtful, always thinking of others and how they'd feel.
You are very polite, always saying please and thank you about a million times, and VERY appreciative!
You rub, tickle and massage my back if I ask, and when I dont. I love when you play with my hair and make me beautiful:)
You are in your 2nd year of Preschool at Miss. Brittneys and you love it. You ask ALL THE TIME if you have school that day.
Soccer is tops on your list, and you are FAST FAST FAST. 
You like to run away from me and I can never catch you because your just too darn FAST.
You run away from me at the stores. I know it might seem like I am a bad Mom for not running after you, but you are a child that has to learn the hard way. I figure that if you get scared that you've lost me, you wont do it anymore or very often. I get so nervous/scared that you'll be taken by someone, but I have to trust my Heavenly Father knowing that he's on my side, and he'll be watching over you! I hope this phase in your life passes quickly, because you cause me a lot of heartache!
You are fearless, you dont believe that anything bad or dangerous can happen to you. Maybe that just means that I am a Cynic.. But I am your Momma and just want you safe!
Coasten, I Love you to pieces. You really know how to make me smile and I am so proud to call you mine!

Happy 4th Birthday my little...

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Summer 2012 in photos

Killer Summer sunsets..

Delish Summer fruit..

Cute little boy figuring out how to ride his bike..

Dont forget the helmet.

Myself with my Mother-in-Law and Sis-inLaws, Heather and Jenni
We came matching to Baby Spencers 1st Birthday Party...

Yummy summer food. Thank you Pinterest!

Summer Strawberries.. When in doubt cover with chocolate..

Smooching my boys outside on a hot day..

The Pup-ster on the slide..

Best buds hanging outside at the Park..

Our Coast man making pictures in the clouds..

Brother Hyde came to assist in the process..

Swinging on those Park swings is one of the Hyders fave things..

Coast learning how to "pump".. Think we'll master that soon..

LOTS of fires this Summer.. Made for amazing sunsets though..

Oh Hyde, you look 5 with that BUZZZZ..

We finally made it to Cowabunga Bay this Summer, and had a BLAST.. We'll definitely be back next year..

Great water park decor..

My CB crew. Hubs, Coasten, and Hyde

My boys and I at the Bay..
Love em

After a day full of fun in the Sun, they passed out cold in the car..

Oh Boys... You guys are characters.. They love bath time..

Nate, Hyde and I were able to escape for a Sushi dinner one Summer evening.. Best Sushi I've ever, I mean ever had.. AMAZING! Oh now I'm hungry..

Love Asian lanterns..

Documenting our dinner.. Mmmmm..

Was on a decent running kick for a few weeks this Summer. Had to go around 10 PM but man it was worth it.. I AM GOING TO START BACK UP...

Beachy waves... Check!

Candid moment with my little man.. Ooo he makes me smile!

New pink pants.. They have pleats!

Love florals..

We took a family hiking trip up to Donut Falls.. Great times., but boy were we dirty! And I realized that we all need to be outfitted for the outdoors..

Love my family..

Standing in the very spot where our home will stand.. 

Uber exciting in my book...
And arent those boys incredibly handsome?

Took a stroll around Sundance.. My man, hands and eyes off!

My Coasten Faust Smith

My Hyde Graham Smith

All together in Sundance..


An afternoon at the splash park with cousin Malija.. Shes so good with my boys..
(when shes fed and happy)

July 3rd at the Bountiful fireworks.. LOVE this day so much, its always a GREAT time..

Coast with some of the cousins on a bouncy slide..

C was so excited to ride this ride..

My Family on July 3rd, up at Gma and Gpa Smiths home..

4th of July morning parade in Murray with my side of the fam..
Its tradition and the kids LOVE running for the candy..

Daddy and the boys... He looks thrilled right? Ornery!
Hot and long, but its always a good time:)

Grandpa with Hyde

The gang minus Denise and Justin.. Party poopers! 
Ty even made a target for all of the candy throwers! Why didnt I think of that? Success

Odd Odd Odd! What the? Was their plan, to give all of the "kids" nightmares?

Later on the 4th at the Sandy parade and carny.. Waiting in line to rock climb..

Day packed full of fun! My FAVORITE holiday ever!

Driest Summer on record I believe,.So we were thrilled when a rain storm moved in, taking away all of the smokey air and helping put out some of the wildfires around the valley.

Coast saw this teeny tiny snail on our steps and said "mom, its so cute!" and in true boy fashion smashed it with his shoe.. Boys boys!

Little lounge time with our hard working bust Daddy..

My first day on the Job after 4 years.. I was a little apprehensive, but I have really enjoyed some time away from the house and a little extra cash!
I miss all of my boys like crazy though! So I'm not sur how long this will last:)

Driving home after 3 long days away at training.. Missed my family:(

Coast asked if he could take pictures. Of course he can, I'm never in pictures!

"mom, can I take a picture of you jumping in the air?"

We have lived in Draper for 3 Summers now and only this year made it to the Draper Days Rodeo.. We had a wonderful time for all 3, yes 3 hours of it...
I'm Country at heart... Really!

So Coasten discovered The Phantom of the Opera this Summer, and is completely OBSESSED! He was hiding behind the chair, I could not see him so I said, Coasten what are you doing? There were bandade wrappers everywhere. He popped right up with his face covered and said "I'm the Phantom".
Of course I died laughing and though he was very creative!

We all loved watching POTO over and over again! Coast knows every song and scene be heart!
Very impressive, he'll be arty:)

We have LOVED all of the sprinkler fun this Summer!

Nothing says Summer quite like Lone Star Taqueria.. Its been a fave of ours since the dating years 12 years ago! Yummers! Coast was having a sleepover at Nanas so Hyde was the lucky man to join us for fabulousness!!

Draper Days is a must if you want fun free entertainment.. We love going every year!

Coasten and Katelyn in line waiting for the "Walk on Water" ride! He has loved this ride and for 6 dollars its worth it! You climb in clear balls that are floating on water. They zip up the balls, add air and off you go running away like a Hampster! LOL. its pretty funny!

The Phantom Coasten, in the mask he made:)

More sprinkler fun with my littles..

Nate turned 29 this Summer so I tried to make it a special morning/day/night for him. Surprise new birthday workout clothes for the gym that morning and then a new outfit for work that day. Couples massages for the 2 of us at Sego Lily Day Spa later that evening!! A.MAZ.ING!!!!

Birthday boy in his new duds.. Handsome right??

At the Spa. Didnt want to leave:)

Summer naps..

Olympics watching, we love the Olympics!

Making the boy laugh.. Love those teeth!

These sunsets have been incredibly beautiful...

Fort making!

The day finally came for ground breaking on our lot! Hooray

Icebergs fries and shakes.. Need I say more?!

The footings are in..

Love coming home after work to these sweet boys!

Hyde actually willingly let me take a picture of him..

All ready to pour the foundation..

Chocolate covered macadamia nuts? Yes please...

Gorgeous evenings in the back yard!.. I'll miss these foe multiple reasons..

Playing Phantom of the Opera....... All his own doing!

Starting projects for the new house!

More wildfires!!

H man..

Early mornings getting ready for work!

The foundation has been poured.. Yippee

Summer swimming at Denises Towne house with my whole family! We had a great time!

Family shot

Coasten working on his backstroke.. Move over Michael Phelps 

Park playin and snow cone sippin..

Bike riding..

Kneaders Frozen Hot Chocolate.. MMMmmm..

Summer fun braids..

Back to school Fall shopping. love prices at H&M...

Cement was poured in the basement!

Summer fresh strawberries in mike for a late evening snack..

One last day spent at Cowabunga Bay with cousin Malija.. WE HAD A BLAST... Im sad that we'll have to wait for next Summer! And I realized I need breast ogmentation!

Thanks to work we were able to spend an entire day and evening at Lagoon at half the cost! 100 dollars made it a lot more affordable for our family of 4 to go! The kids were exstatic, they'd been asking to go all Summer! Nate and I said that that was one GREAT day:)

Remember the days of the tiny rides.. Oh so fun. Loved seeing the boys faces just light up:) Made our day..

Morning cuddles, especially when falling back to sleep was a reality instead of a wish!

Morning cuddles between best brother friends.. Darling

Fresh August peaches... Mmmm

Clean smiling faces..

Bottom level has been framed.. Yay

Boys and trucks... HEAVEN!

Top floor now framed... Looking like a house

Love Summer flowers that surround this gorgeous structure! I'll miss seeing it were we live now:)

Slow nights at work wishing I were with my fam..

We've got a roof over our heads.. I love watching the progress daily. 
This is our HOME!

Summer you have been good to us this year, Im sad to see you go:( 
Thanks for helping make fun memories...